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We are proficient in and set the bar for custom innovative water creations by maintaining the highest standards for quality, efficiency, and accuracy in our workmanship. Our work performance and production is our art. We take pride in creating work of enduring beauty, and we are prominent because of our commitment to its craft. We love what we do and it shows! Rock & Water’s culture respects and embraces excellence and delivers the best workmanship, while providing the best material, at the best value.

Rock & Water’s systems are designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed for you so that you and your guests can enjoy a lifetime of paradise. Our team of experts conducts extensive research and due diligence to select only the finest manufacturers and suppliers of quality components. We control cost by being proficient and organized, not by using average material or by sacrificing quality for affordability. We insure all products for every project are NSF approved and remain active with industry code regulations to ensure compliance and our customers’ safety.

Rock & Water integrates energy efficiency into its design of all products, significantly reducing our customers’ operating costs. Our products are designed for minimal power usage, efficient heating, equipped with LED lighting, and finished with custom-fit covers. 

All the Resources Necessary

From feasibility studies, preliminary design, and engineering to pre-fabricating, installation, and commissioning, Rock & Water is equipped with all the resources necessary to deliver you a custom showcase masterpiece.  Enjoy this lifestyle now and for generations to come.


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