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Innovative Designs that Transform Lifestyles

Any anticipated constraints are identified and solved early in the design process. Rock & Water International knows the value of listening to our clients, sharing dreams and aspirations for their perfect habitats, and working collaboratively to conceptualize awe-inspiring environments. As Visionaries, Landscape Architects, Designers and Security Experts, we provide Master Planning that incorporates our client’s vision and needs, both current and future, within the whole and unique scope of each site. We can bring the outdoors in, and the indoors out, all according to each client’s preference. Rock & Water International’s Master Planning provides innovative, site-sensitive, and secure design for exceptional lifestyles.

Design Process at Rock & Water International

We provide during this phase:

  • Consensus Building - across all disciplines, integrating all potentials of the property and cultivating integrated design. This is where the creativity begins.
  • 3D Design, 3D Renderings, Photo-Simulation, and Video Virtual Reality - depiction of the realistic experience of the final product, before construction starts.
  • Collaborative Idea Generation – allowing the unthinkable ideas to flow, possibilities that exceed expectations and inspire awe.
  • Future Use, Feasibility Planning, and Phase Development
  • Lifestyle Sustainability Planning
  • Finishes & Automation Selection and Planning
  • Logistics & Communications Strategy and Planning
  • Security, non-lethal and lethal, Strategy and Planning
  • Environmental Integration – We strive for the environment to appear as if the landscape was always just as it was before disruption during the construction process
  • Safety planning from natural threats such as Fire, Storms, Civil Unrest, and other forces of nature
  • Energy Independence and ecosystem planning that sustain life and self reliance

Innovative Designs - Rock & Water International


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