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Rock & Water International maintains the highest standards for Innovative Design, Engineering Perfection, Construction Efficiency, and Unparalleled Craftsmanship. Our versatile and renowned creations provide peace of mind for privacy, safety, security, and sustainability all while offering an ultimate lifestyle. Synergetic with our clients, we provide best in class solutions.  Building on our time proven creations and experience found around the world, we transfer new and influential ideas to every element of a project.  If a predicament is perceived within your aspirations, we see a leading opportunity to excel at what we do best.  Our profound ingenuity and knowledge allows for us to capture these opportunities to invent, engineer, and construct solutions. Whether it is a primary luxury estate, a vacation property, a destination resort, or a signature development, Rock & Water International offers highly sought after and all-inclusive project visioning, design, expertise, and resources that translate any environment into an inspiring, pleasurable, enduring, and secure haven. 

Home-Resort Stone River - Rock & Water International

Our features aren’t just features – they are inspiring multipurpose spaces offering sustainable, functional, recreational, safe, private, secure, and aesthetic interactive environments.  Where some may see only a pool, we see a design that is also a source for energy production, an amphitheater, helicopter pad, patio space, or water containment vessel that can sustain life, hedge against water shortages, and provide protection from fires, security breaches, or natural disasters. All-inclusive not only defines our services, but also the exceptional designs that we create for lifestyle, leisure, function, and security. We sustain your lifestyle while protecting your family and priceless possessions. 

A passionate, innovative, dynamic provider of architectural services with a collaborative approach to creating and delivering outstanding world-class client experiences.

All-Inclusive Services & Process that you can expect with Rock & Water International:

  • Site Assessment & Feasibility Study
  • Master Planning
  • Preliminary Design
  • Engineering
  • Jurisdiction Approvals
  • Final Design
  • Procurement
  • Pre-Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & Inspection
  • Service & Maintenance

All-Inclusive Solutions - Rock & Water International 


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