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Rock & Water International is a privately held company headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, catering to the most elite Private Estates, Luxurious Resorts, and Renowned Developments throughout the world.  Conceived from the art of rock and water creations, the company developed into THE premier provider of the most innovative and artistic environments in existence.  Our gifted team of professionals design and construct each opportunity utilizing only the most technologically advanced products, perfected processes, with exquisite aesthetics, to furnish our clients with unparalleled craftsmanship. 


Rock & Water International’s versatile and renowned creations provide peace of mind for privacy, safety, security and sustainability all while offering an ultimate lifestyle.  We protect what matters most while providing sustainable solution oriented creations that overcome any possible complexities of an environment.  Behind each Rock & Water International masterpiece is a rock solid reputation built on dependable experience, a standard of excellence, and the pride of doing what we say we’re going to do.      

Whether it is a primary luxury estate, a vacation property, a destination resort, or a signature development, Rock & Water International offers highly sought after project visioning, design, expertise, and resources that translate any dream environment into an enduring and gratifying work of art.  From the mountains and lakes of the Pacific Northwest, to the sands of the Kalahari Desert, to the tropical shores of Phuket, we’re ready to service all of your needs, wherever in the world they might be. 


About Us - Rock & Water International  


Sean Henry  -  President, Owner  

Mr. Henry is an internationally renowned Artist, Inventor, and Visionary. From early endeavors as an Art Director for a major sign manufacturer, Mr. Henry expanded his canvas to outdoor design and sculpture. He conceptualized by hand custom rock and water creations, including waterfalls, dynamically placed boulders, streams, grottos, and natural pools, all invoking a dreamlike environment. With his South Carolina based company, Mr. Henry delivered luxury outdoor habitats, inspired by his worldly travels, for premier clientele.

As a testament to his creative and inventive personality, Mr. Henry holds numerous U.S. patents for products that have revolutionized industries, saved multiple lives, and transformed environments. His products have won several Product of The Year awards, and are found in over 30 countries. Featured on The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and Designing Spaces, Mr. Henry’s creations are utilized by the military and sell online and in retail stores worldwide.

A natural leader, imaginative artist, inspired inventor, and world traveler, Sean Henry is highly sought after to vision and create the very finest outdoor environments and lifestyles around the globe.  

As Rock and Water International’s President and Founder, Mr. Henry inspires the business vision, innovation, expansion, and standard for excellence. His experience sustains the company’s research & development, artistic touch, and operations. In parallel, he and Co-Founder Jonathan Kersey have started multiple new companies which offer advanced products and services to the industry and abroad.       


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